Avid HD Room-1 and 2

Avid Offline Room 03 Our Avid Symphony Nitris DX system is the best Non-linear editing system in the world with the Sony HDCAM VTR, you can store almost 4000 rolls of HDCAM-40' tape images by down converting the signal or 130 rolls by DNxHD uncompressed signal into 8 TB of hard drive.

The VTR for different format such as HD-D5, HD-XDCAM, HDVCAM, BETACAM-SP, DVCAM and DVD are also available.


Avid Symphony Nitris DX System
Apple MacPro
21"Diamond Plus Computer Monitor
21"Diamond Plus Computer Monitor
8TB Drive Module
HDCAM Player/Recorder
20" HD Monitor
16 Channel Audio Mixer
Powered Speaker